Two Japanese jewels on Netflix

Just thought I would recommend two items for people who have Netflix and are interested in Japan or just enjoy good films.

Your Name is an anime film from 2016 directed by Makoto Shinkai and based on his novel. It is quite beautiful to watch and is about the lives of two teenagers whose experiences become mysteriously intertwined. I don't want to say more than that. Watch it and prepared to be moved.

Star Trek Discovery Series 2

Discovery started again on Netflix. I am really enjoying watching it. The stories and the characters are even better than the first series. It was great to see Michelle Yeoh. The mysterious Section 31 will surely feature again. It might even get it's own spin-off. It sounds to me a lot like Special Circumstances in the Iain M Banks Culture. Now that would be a series to watch.

3D Printed Seatbelt holder update

It’s been a while since I looked at this project. Work and other things got in the way. My Triumph failed its biannual inspection and needed a lot of work. Perhaps I will write about that later.  I had a nice e-mail about the holder so I thought I would post a new photo here. You can see that the part is not quite the right size. The flat spring is squashed in the length and does not close properly to hold the seatbelt itself. Both the length of the holder and width of the opening need to be adjusted.

Lost in Space Reboot

An enjoyable reboot on Netflix. I really like the robot. The characters are well drawn and the performances good. Parker Posey excellent as the new Dr. Smith. Are we in a new golden age for science fiction on TV?


3D Printed Seatbelt holder first print

I ordered the 3D Print at beta-prototypes. I requested a black finish rather than the standard white. The initial impression was good with the rough finish matching many of the crinkle plastics and paints in the car interior.  The holder is also remarkably strong. The material used is PA2200 which is a type of nylon. It looks to me like the black finished is applied on the finished part probably by spray painting.

3D Printed Seatbelt Holder for Triumph

I have an old English car, nearly 40 for years old as it happens. While many parts are available new from specialist suppliers, some things are impossible to get hold of.  The costs of remaking the tooling is just prohibitive for the small quantities likely to sell.

There is a nice system to fix the seatbelts in the car when they are not being used. I think this makes the car look neater when its parked and also is practical. The holder is part number ZKC1550 according to the parts catalogue. The holder is made up of a spring, a backplate and a plastic molding.