New Science Fictions Shows

Shohreh Aghdashloo and Nick E. Tarabay in The Expanse (2015)

I have been watching two new science fiction shows: The Expanse and Star Trek Discovery. Like buses you seem to wait ages for one new science fiction show and then two turn up together.

The Expanse (SyFy) which is based on a series of books by James A. Corey is a mix of political intrigue and space opera. It is set in the 27th century where humans are settling the solar system. Technology has moved on but not so far as to prevent the limitations of speed of light communication. The political problems have also not been solved with a Cold War style stand off between the colonised Mars, a united Earth and the "belters" as the space dwelling workers in the outer regions of the solar system are known. 

In to this situation comes a detective working on a missing persons case who begins to discover a conspiracy involving alien technology. It is seems to have everything that a good show needs. An interesting convoluted plot, some well written characters and rather good acting. The cast are all relatively unknown, to me at least. The space battles, and there are quite a few, are pretty convincing.  If you like science fiction you really should check it out.

Star Trek Discovery (CBS) is the latest version of the half a century old series so I am interested to see what new can be done with the ideas. It's a little early for me to make a judgement. I've read some pretty negative reviews from people who know their 'Trek but I quite like the cast and the story on the first three episodes has kept me watching.