3D Printed Seatbelt holder first print

I ordered the 3D Print at beta-prototypes. I requested a black finish rather than the standard white. The initial impression was good with the rough finish matching many of the crinkle plastics and paints in the car interior.  The holder is also remarkably strong. The material used is PA2200 which is a type of nylon. It looks to me like the black finished is applied on the finished part probably by spray painting.

Putting the parts back together I noticed that some of the dimensions did not quite work out. I got the angle on the opening for the spring which gives the detent action on the holder slightly wrong meaning that it did not catch properly. Also in order to make the part more robust that the original I had increased the wall thickness which led to the some problems fitting the baseplate. With a bit of filing on the part I can get most of the functionality I wanted but I think I will try to correct the bugs on this initial build and then reorder with a slightly improved geometry.